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The Dope Slap 11-5-11 man stuck in bathroom

Posted by twomikesradio on November 5, 2011 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Wel hello my Sick Little Pups. Been a while since I blogged a Dope Slap. Truth is, I've been busy with a lot of things here at CyberstationUSA. In addition to the Rubber Room and the Ultimate Party Hour, I now co-host the Yearbook with the Amazing MIke P and someimes Mr. George Kougias who is currently dealing with college stuff. Anyway,on to the Dope Slap which is why you're on this page. This week, a Boston man found himself locked in a school bathroom. that's right, a school bathroom.According the November 4th edition of the Boston Herald,the man,who wouldn't give his name,(gee, I wonder why..) said "there was no knob on the inside." and knew he was in trouble when the door slammed shut behind him. Since the building was closed for renovations and his co-workers were on the other side of the building,(he was using the teacher's lounge bathroom) no one could hear him pounding on the door. What to do? Call 911. That is,once he got up the nerve. He probably should have called one of his co-workers. Better to be embaraassed in front of just your co-workers than in front of your co-workers AND the cops. (double slap) The irony is,he was on that side of the building to let utility workers in.(quadruple slap) And maybe,just maybe,next time you'll either check the lock,or wedge something in the door. You know,it's people like him who make people look at us funny when we say how smart we are here in Boston. I mean really,didn't you know they lock everything in the teachers lounge? Just kidding. Or am I? OK kiddies,gotta tend to the cyberstation pages. Don't forget to log on Saturday nights @ 7PM (EST) for the Two Mikes block,and Tuesday 11 AM (EST) for the Yearbook cyberstationlive.com. Please e-mail me with your praise/critiques at [email protected] BYE FOR NOW!!!

The Dope Slap-Sept.19,2009

Posted by twomikesradio on September 21, 2009 at 9:38 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi kids! Sorry I haven't done a Dope Slap in a while,but I've really busy on  personal level. I promise to be more timely in the future. Having said that,let's move on to Mr. Kanye West. Now,I promised my son,(who is a big fan and I to an extent)that I wouldn't pick on him so much. So,I'll be brief. I'm sure you heard about Kanye and the VMA's so I'll spare the details. However,I DO think it's wrong to interrupt somone's moment of glory over sour grapes. Hell man,you didn't even know Taylor Swift! You left the girl practically in tears because you thought Beyonce's video was better. Maybe it was,doesn't give you the right to drukenly lumber onto the stage and steal somebody's thunder. No matter who's involved,it's just wrong. And,if you're going to blame alcohol,maybe it's time for some help. I also hope you called Beyonce' and thanked her for saving some face by bringing Taylor back onstage and gave her just due. (Double Slap) Two slaps,one for Kanye for being a poor loser,and one for MTV for letting this crap go on all the time at these events. The Bruno/Eminem thing was just waaaay too wrong on way too many levels. There's word that Kanye has been banned from future award shows and if that's the case,that's a shame,because he is very good at the rap game and should bear future nominations. Maybe he should take a page from Jay-Z and just chillax once in a while.(See,I know the new stuff.)Or, as we used to say growing up, "Take a chill pill and be still if you will,Bill" OK kids,that's all for now,don't forget the Two Mikes block every Saturday night from7-9 on cyberstationusa.com. Bye for now,my sick little pups

The Dope Slap-Aug 15,2009

Posted by twomikesradio on August 26, 2009 at 7:07 PM Comments comments (0)

In this episode of the Rubber Room,I read a partial list of routine questions from idiotic airline passengers. Now,while there is no particular person to Dope Slap,(slap)let's give one to each and every dopey person who ever called anywhere and asked silly questions like "Can I see England from Canada?" When the reply was no,she added,"But,they look so close on the map."  This was from a New Hampshire Congresswoman!! Three of the five were from Congress,one was a lawmaker's wife,and the fifth was a cabinet member.. hmmm....... (double slap) Don't the majority of these people have six-figure Ivy League educations? Don't they have to travel  lot in the course of their jobs? The lawmaker's wife wanted an aisle seat so that her hair wouldn't get messed up sitting next to the window. Didn't Jeff Foxworthy tell a similar joke about 15 years ago? Funny thing is,this actually happened! I'd wonder what kind of dunderheads we're putting in office,but,the last eight years ought to provide that answer. In closing,think about where you're going and do a little research before you find yourself arguing that Capetown is in Massachusetts and Cape Cod is in Africa like some nameless zip-neck of a Congressman did. Or,you could end up asking for an oceanview room in Orlando Florida not knowing Orlando is in the middle of the state like another mindless Congressman. Sheesh!! No wonder these sub-geniuses always get caught in sex scandals. OK,enough for now,don't forget to tune into cyberstationusa.com every Saturday from 7-9 for more Two Mikes rock and comedy madness. Bye for now my sick little pups!!!!!! 

The Dope Slap-Aug 1,2009

Posted by twomikesradio on August 2, 2009 at 8:02 PM Comments comments (0)

This week on the Rubber Room,we targeted the Pez candy company for picking on someone just because he has a 7 foot tall Pez dispenser. The trouble started the minute Gary Doss opened his Pez memorabilia museum in California with a large collection of Pez dispensers dating back to 1952 including the self-created 7 foot 10 inch snowman which Mr. Doss calls a work of art. The Pez people disagree,calling it a violation of several trademarks. In addition,they want the snowman destroyed and to be paid unspecified damages despite the fact the dispenser is in the Guiness Book as the world's largest candy dispenser thus making it a one-of-a kind. Mr. Doss has tried several times to placate the Pez people by changing both the name of his museum and his prize display.(slap) First of all,doesn't Pez have anything better to than go after someone is a huge fan of their products. Second,he created that particular dispenser so basically he can do with it as he pleases. And any pending litigation regarding it would be directed at Mr. Doss where he is the legal owner. Again another glaring example of big business being too big for its own britches. (double slap) You'd think in these hard times, Pez would like a little free publicity,but,I guess some folks like to do things the hard way. Good luck in court you empty-headed coporate dipsticks. As for Mr. Doss,keep fighting. Don't let the Man crush your dreams. And here's hoping one of those execs choke on a stale Pez. That's it for now,check me out every Saturday night from 7-9 on cyberstationusa.com for the Two Mikes block for more rock-n-roll and Dope Slap madness. Bye for now my sick little pups!!


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